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Commercial waste and an ecommerce business

Published on Monday 10 February 2020
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Recycling Bins

When we started our AB Electronics UK ecommerce business eight years ago we found that we had the problem of generating a small amount of waste / rubbish every month from our PCB assembly.

We had never had to deal with commercial waste in the past with our website design business as any unwanted files just went in the recycle bin and got deleted!

Our local council at Wareham had a commercial waste department and after contacting them we had the option to create a commercial waste account with them and purchase special “purple commercial waste sacks” which would be collected with our normal household waste to go to landfill.

Due to the low volume of commercial waste the business generated we found that a collection every eight weeks would be best for us and we normally filled one of the purple waste sacks ready for the bi-monthly collection.

The special “purple commercial waste sacks” are supplied on rolls of 25 and cost £60 to have a single roll delivered.

Dorset Waste Partnership When we first registered with Purbeck Council, now changed to Dorset Waste Partnership who manage waste collection in Dorset we were told that we could buy 2 rolls of bags and keep using them until we needed more but now we have been told that we need to buy at least one roll per year at £60 each time, in order for them to continue to collect the waste and as we only use 6 bags per year, we will have to dispose of the other 19 bags from the rolls to comply with their rules!

This doesn’t seem very environmentally friendly with the additional plastic waste, delivery and manufacturing required.

Trying to be green…

Almost all the waste material we generate from the Raspberry Pi board production is plastic, either hard plastic from the IC chips packaging which are supplied in plastic tubes or plastic anti-static bags for other components.

Other packing materials such as bubble wrap, cardboard or paper-based packing is reused for packing our parcels to our customers reducing the amount of additional packing materials we need to purchase.

Unable to recycle the plastic…

For our normal household waste we are able to put our plastic materials such as bottles and other plastic materials out for a recycling collection every two weeks and the waste we get from the ecommerce business would also be able to be recycled in this way but Dorset Waste Partnership do not appear to have any way to recycle commercial business plastic which is a shame as it would reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

We have found other recycling businesses who will take business plastic waste but they are mostly based outside of our home county and require waste by the tonne and as we only produce around 10kg of waste every two months, it would take us over 16 years to make enough plastic waste to make one trip to the commercial recycling businesses!

If anyone in Dorset can recommend any business who can accept small amounts of commercial plastic waste for recycling, please contact me or leave a comment below as we would much rather that our plastic waste is recycled than going to landfill.

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