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Acuter Merlin Orion Motorised AZ Mount controlled by a Wii Nunchuk with remote zoom Part 2

Published on Wednesday 20 October 2010

Continued from Part One.

The design mockup on the EasyPIC6 development board was transferred to a breadboard for final testing and then the circuit was build on an offcut of stripboard.

Source code for the project can be downloaded in a zip file here. You need the compiler from mikroe.com to compile and program to the processor.


The circuit schematic can be downloaded here (PDF Format) including parts required. The H-Bridge from the Servo isn't included as the pin connections on the H-Bridge vary depending on the model used. Any H-Bridge with a 5V and minimum of 1A rating should be ok for the servo zoom control

The completed pcb with 5V 7805 regulator with the heatsink on the bottom-left.


Back view of the board


The board was then connected to a 9 way D connector for the wii remote and fitted inside the main cable reel. A DPDT switch is used to switch between the Wii remote control and the USB serial connection from the PC or Mac


The completed head system with cable reel, tablet computer, camera and remote cable, Merlin head and power lead.




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