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3D Printer ordering Nightmares

Published Wednesday 20 November 2013

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On the 30 September 2013 I placed order with Ultimaker for the Ultimaker 2 3D printer and extra rolls of filament, order total 2,511.55 euros. Website said delivery from 21st October 2013

I ordered from Ultimaker as the printer seemed to be a very good specification and the expected delivery date would be good as I needed to make some physical prototypes for a new client at the start of November and I could use the printer for this and other projects.

4th November 2013, after no sign of the order and after seeing a lot of forum posts about long delays with the new Ultimaker 2, I decided to cancel the order and sent this to the Ultimaker support system:

Dear Sir or Madam

Please can you cancel order Rxxxxxxxx and refund the money back to my paypal account. Please can you email me when this has been cancelled and refunded. The paypal transaction ID was IDxxxxxxx and the order was placed on the 30th September 2013.



5th November had a reply:

Dear Brian,

I'm sorry to hear that you want to cancel your order. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues with a supplier we have not been totally able to keep the lead time under 2 weeks as we initially planned. My apologies to you for this.
We've also had an amazing interest from our customers in the Ultimaker 2. We are working very hard on scaling up the production department.

I can inform you that your order will be shipped in the next week. Expect your shipment to be delivered at the end of next week.

Kind regards,


With kind regards,

Support centre Ultimaker

No mention of actually refunding my order but as they said it would be shipped the following week, I decided to give them one more week to send the printer and I replied with:

Dear M

Thank you for your email/message. Will you send a tracking number when it is sent as I need to arrange for someone to be available to sign for the parcel.

Best regards


6th November had a reply:

Dear Brian,

I see that you have an Ultimaker account so that is great. You will receive a shipping notification automatically.

Have fun with your purchase. If you have any questions feel free to contact us through our ticket system.

With kind regards,

Support centre Ultimaker

I waited another week and with no printer or emails to say why it was delayed, I found some forum posts saying that the orders had further delays so I tried to cancel the order again

13th November:

Dear Sir or Madam

Please can you cancel order Rxxx and refund the money back to my paypal account. Please can you email me when this has been cancelled and refunded. The paypal transaction ID was IDxxxxx and the order was placed on the 30th September 2013. I previously requested this order be cancelled and it wasnt. Ticket: #BVT-xxxxxx

14th November reply from the support ticket system:

Hello Brian,

I saw your e-mail conversation with my colleague M.
He stated your order would be send as soon as possible.
You asked for a tracking number.

Do you want to proceed with your cancellation?

With kind regards, S

Support centre Ultimaker

Replied on the 14th November with:

Hello S

I would like to proceed with the cancellation of the order.



15th November 2013

Had an email from another person at ultimaker apologising for the delay and telling me it would be at least another week before it would ship and the offer of extra rolls of printer filament.

As this was now almost 45 days after the payment and the time limit for a Paypal dispute for non receipt of goods, I started a Paypal dispute to try to get my money back.

Later on the 15th November had another reply from Ultimaker

Hello Brian,

I understand waiting on a Ultimaker has really tested your patience.

I checked your order. I can inform you your order will be shipped next week.
My colleague is sending a mail with more information later. 

I would hate for you to miss out on the Ultimaker 2, which is a fantastic printer for your designs. It prints very fast and accurate.

A printer where everyone can print in high quality, without any technical knowledge.

I hope I can persuade you.

With kind regards,

Support centre Ultimaker

Still no confirmation that they would refund my order so replied with:

Please can you proceed with the cancellation of the order. If you are not able to cancel the order I will have to take it to a paypal dispute to try to recover the money you are refusing to refund.

Later the same day had a message back:

Hello Brian,

I have send your request to our financial department.

They will refund your payment.

If you have any other question, do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards,

Support centre Ultimaker

Having given refunds via PayPal in the past I know how easy it is to process so after waiting another 5 days I contacted Ultimaker again:

20th November 2013

Please can you tell me when the refund will be processed? 

Many thanks


Had a reply back shortly:

Hello Brian,

Your request has been send to the financial department.
It will take a few weeks before you receive your refund.


Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, 


I replied with:

Hello S 

How can it take a few weeks to go to the paypal website, search for the transaction id: IDXXXXXX and click the issue refund button?



Another stock reply a short time later:

Hello Brian,

I have send your request to the financial department. They will process it.


Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet, 


Now I am stuck with no confirmation of when I will get my 2,511.55 euros back which Ultimaker have had for over 50 days so I can order another 3d printer from someone who will deliver when they say they will!

The support forums at Ultimaker have a few other posts with people with the same problems.

It’s a shame when a company are not able to offer good customer care or notify their customers of delays with their orders.

Just have to hope now that I will eventually get a refund either via Ultimaker or the PayPal dispute system.

I will post an update if I ever get my money back!

Update 27th November

Had an email from PayPal's resolution centre today:

Dear Apexweb - AB Electronics UK,

We have concluded our investigation into your Buyer Claim.

Seller's Name: Ultimaker B.V.
Seller's Email: sales@ultimaker.com
Seller's Transaction ID: xxxxxxx

Transaction Date: 30 Sep 2013
Transaction Amount: -2,511.55 EUR
Invoice ID: xxxxxxx
Your Transaction ID: xxxxxxx
Case Number:xxxxxxx

Buyer's Transaction ID: xxxxxx

You have received a refund via PayPal in the amount of 2,511.55 EUR.

Yours sincerely,

Protection Services Department

After checking my PayPal account, the money has been refunded back into my account. Its a shame that Ultimaker didn't want to process this when asked and tell me there are "processes in place" regarding cancelling orders and wanted to wait several more weeks before refunding the money for the order they didn't send even after their repeated messages that it would be with me within a week each time!



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