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2018 Overview

Published on Monday 31 December 2018
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Google Analytics

It’s now the end of December 2018 and it has been another busy year for me and Andrew with our businesses and hobbies.

Our website design business Apexweb LTD has been running along in the background as we are concentrating most of our time on our Raspberry Pi expansion board business AB Electronics UK but we have taken on several new website projects over the year and also launched redesigns of some of our older websites for our clients.

AB Electronics UK has been keeping us very busy throughout the year and despite not launching any completely new expansion boards in the past year we have been adding improvements to our existing range and Andrew has been busy working on the software libraries and sample code to go with our boards.

On the AB Electronics UK website and also our local tourism website Virtual Swanage I have been adding a lot of new features and upgrades on the back end code to improve the sites performance and also to ensure the best compatibility with mobile and tablet devices.

On Virtual Swanage mobiles and tablets account for over 55% of all visitors and on AB Electronics UK only 23% are viewing the website on a mobile or tablet. On this blog the visitors are split with 65% on desktop and the remainder on mobiles and tablets for the past twelve months. The mobile and tablet visitor percentages have been increasing across all the websites over the past few years.

Popular Posts for 2018

The most popular posts on the blog for 2018 have been:

Website Visitors for 2018

When comparing the stats from Google Analytics compared to the server logs when filtered using offline analytics software it shows that Google Analytics is reporting around 20-40% fewer visitors than the server logs are showing (excluding searching engine bots) so the number of visitors to the website is higher than the Google stats initially show.

Below are visitor statistics taken from Google Analytics for this blog:

Year Users Sessions Page Views
2018 73,189 95,413 144,492
2017 97,412 125,706 187,406
2016 75,432 102,668 179,728
2015 83,123 109,061 207,877
2014 93,689 124,497 230,776
2013 92,062 116,334 218,381
2012 48,859 60,505 114,006

Below are visitor statistics taken from Google Analytics for Virtual Swanage:

Year Users Sessions Page Views
2018 70,347 113,214 279,170
2017 85,108 126,059 436,342
2016 101,136 137,482 595,343
2015 103,573 167,941 724,639
2014 97,731 187,713 790,834
2013 88,712 163,405 656,874

On Virtual Swanage we lost over 80% of our local directory listings early in the year due to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations which came into force. In order to comply with the regulations and have businesses/clubs etc permission for the website visitors to be able to contact them we sent emails to all the listing owners and asked them for their permission to continue to have their free listing on the website.

Unfortunately, less than 20% responded and so after the cut-off date we removed all the other businesses, clubs and organisations who either didn’t want to continue to be listed on the website or ignored the email asking for their permission to continue to be listed.

The missing pages then resulted in a drop over the year of website visitors as many of the search engine results were pointing to pages which no longer existed!

Over the year we have had a number of new business and clubs added again and the number listed is slowly increasing again.

Hobbies and Fitness

On my personal hobbies I have been trying to take the cameras out with me more than last year but due to either work commitments or bad weather I haven’t been able to take as many photos as I planned but I have added a new gallery system to this blog https://www.briandorey.com/gallery/ which has more information about each photo on the pages and some new images from the past year.

I had also planned to do more longer (40 mile +) bike rides this year both on and off road,  but after a knee injury again early in the year I didn’t do as many longer rides as I had hoped and only managed 1400 miles (2253Km) over the year and 730 miles (1174Km) out walking around the area with the cameras and also the dogs.

My YouTube Channel

On my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/briandorey/videos I have added a variety of videos this year from bike rides using my new GoPro Hero 7 Black and also DJI Mavic videos.

I now have 958 subscribers and I would like to thank all the subscribers who have been following our projects.

2019 Plans

In 2019 we have several ongoing electronic projects which we hope to complete including Raspberry Pi driven model railway point motor controllers and lighting system with RGB LED driver modules.

We also plan to add more cycle routes to www.virtual-swanage.co.uk/things-to-do/sports-and-activities/cycling which we personally ride and test before adding them to the website.



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