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Modifying a Raspberry Pi Zero W to add an external antenna with a U.FL RF connector

Ford Sync 3 USB Drive Music Playlists

Creating music playlists to use in my Ford Focus and Ford Sync 3 software to play music from an external USB drive
Teardown of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Smart speaker
Trying and failing to repair the cable which connnects the headset to the computer for my Oculus Rift virtual reality system
Find out how you can import your Apple Watch workouts into Garmin Connect using the HealthFit app on your iPhone to iCloud
Using an Asus Tinker Board to build a small low power Linux server
Our DIY Pick and Place V2 Project is finally completed and running building circuit boards
Replacing our old dumb central heating controller with a Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Gen and Hot Water Installation
Adding a VGA port to a HP MediaSmart EX475 home server and installing Linux

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Digging Deeper

Home Automation
Digging deeper into the AmazonEcho Dot 3rd Generation smart speaker

Amazon Echo Input Teardown

Home Automation
Teardown of the Amazon Echo Input and trying to extract the firmware
Teardown time with an Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation smart speaker, find out how Alexa is listening to you