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Ham Radio

I took my UK ham radio license test many years ago and got the callsign G7OYX, at the time I only used it on 2m and 70cm on local nets and due to work and other hobbies I gave up on using he radios.

When the changes to the UK license system which allowed all the older “B” license holders to use the full HF bands without having to take a morse test it rekindled my interest in the hobby.

I have since purchased a FT-8800R for use in my Land Rover and also one at home and a Yaesu FT 817ND with Z-817H Autotuner connected to 66ft Windom antenna running along the side of the house and down the garden.

I also have a Buddipole mobile HF antenna and a 15m Clarke mast (purchased originally for my high level photography) which I plan to use when the weather is warmer for hill top QRP work with the Yaesu FT 817ND

I am using a SignaLink USB to use with Ham Radio Delux HRD to use with PSK31 on the HF bands when out portable and the FTDX 3000 has a built in USB connection to use with data modes.. I have used the FT 817ND on 14.070 with PSK31 and have worked into Europe using the 5W output on the radio.

In December 2013 I added a Yaesu FTDX 3000 to the collection which has proved to be a very good radio with contacts as far as Indonesia using PSK31 and approx 80W.


Yaesu FT 817ND with Z-817H Autotuner with Yaesu VR 5000 receiver

Yaesu FTDX 3000

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