Published Tuesday 29 July 2008
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Watercooled Xbox 360 - First watercooling project to make an Xbox 360 much quieter.

Materials Used:

  • 6mm Copper Plate for heat block
  • Feser One Cooling Fluid - UV GREEN
  • 3/8 Clearflex 60 Hose
  • 12V Laing DDC-1T Pro 10W Pump
  • XSPC 250mm Passive Reservoir (Silver) x 2

Total Materials and Parts Cost approx £120 [more]

Copper plate on milling machine

 The copper plate was milled into the 2 halfs of the heat block with the water pipes soldered into the top of the block

The heat block was sealed and then bolted with 16 M3 x 12mm bolts

The heat block being checked for mounting pin alignment on the motherboard

Water reservoirs fitted to case

The completed 360. I was planning to fit the pump inside but it was easier to fit it on the back of the case for ease of filling and bleeding the system.