Published Wednesday 21 December 2016
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Oculus Rift Touch controllers

The new Oculus Rift Touch controllers arrived today and so I needed to make a new wall mount for the extra sensor to fit it into my room.

I wanted to fit the sensor close to the ceiling as there is a wooden rail running around the room approx. 30cm from the ceiling and I could use this to hide the cable routed to the computer.

The bracket is made from a piece of 18mm thick acetal sheet and was cut on our CNC mill but this could easily be made from a piece of wood such as MDF or other suitable material.

Drilling the 4mm wall screw hole.

Drilling the Oculus Rift Wall Mount for Sensor

The mounting post on the Rift sensor is just over 8mm in diameter and so we drilled an 8.5mm hole into the front of the bracket to accept the mounting post and then cross drilled with a 2.5mm drill so it could be tapped for a M3 grub screw to hole the sensor in the correct angle when fitted.

The back of the new mount was drilled with a 4mm drill to screw it onto the wall.

The completed mounting bracket.

Cut Parts

The bracket and sensor fitted to the wall.

Oculus Rift Wall Mount for Sensor parts

Mount Dimensions:

Mount Dimensions

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