Published Saturday 31 December 2011
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Since getting the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus I was not able to download apps to the phone via the Market app. Every time I would get an error -101 saying the app could not be downloaded.

Also on the Android Market website my new phone would not appear in the list of my devices.

After spending  a lot of time searching for possible fixes, I noticed that my google account  which ended with which I logged into on the phone was changing to when logging into the Android Market website.

I couldn’t see an easy way to change the logged in account on the phone so I removed all the accounts, and added the account back in using rather than and I can now download the apps again.

You need to re-sync all your contacts and settings when doing this as it seems to remove all contact info from the phone.

On the Android Market website the new phone still didn’t appear in the list until I tried editing the Nickname associated with my old HTC Desire, after changing this the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus appeared on the list and I was able to edit the Nickname for this as well and it all is working ok now!

To change the Nickname

On the bottom of the market page click “My Market Account”  then select the “Settings” tab which takes you to this screen:

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(Click to view large version)

Press “Edit” next to your phone and  enter your phones nickname in the box and click “Update” to save your changes.